Zombies & MSG

Anna, you know I can say no to Milky Way alll day!  Unless you were to melt cheese on them…  but yes, we as human beings are wired to crave carbs/sugar.  It’s a quick and easy source of energy.  Something we really don’t need anymore so every day we get to fight our basic human instincts so we don’t kill ourselves with food and lack of activity.  Bummer dude!

The old thought was that MSG created holes (very small) in the brain in some people.  Sounds pretty awful huh? I can’t imagine that if it was proven to do such a thing that it would still be part of our foods so I looked it up!  Here is an article from the Mayo Clinic (by an R.D. of course 🙂 )   The damage almost always manifests itself as a headache so if you don’t get a headache then you are free to eat the tasty stuff all you want!

On a lighter note (sounds like we need to cheer up a bit) I may be participating in Lincoln’s Zombie Walk this afternoon as a break from my chemistry textbook.  I will let you know if I have the courage to act silly.  Zombies don’t overeat and they are always going on long walks haha!

4 thoughts on “Zombies & MSG

  1. Oh yeah, your parents had a shaker of MSG! Things have changed, can you still buy it like that?

  2. Sweet MSG! This reminds me of our science project that we did together in Chemistry from Mrs. Hilton’s class. Fun times 🙂

  3. I didn’t participate but I was an entertained bystander at O’Rourkes while playing Settlers of Catan with Joren, Maria, & Kevin!

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