Struggles abound! I’ll survive (with your help)

Grad school is proving to be more difficult than I expected.  Now I will be more clear.  I knew it was going to be challenging, thorough, deeper into the subject matter and time consuming.  What I didn’t anticipate is the freedom.  Freedom can be the enemy.  I, along with many of my colleagues, describe myself as a procrastinator.  This personality type doesn’t do well with freedom.  Procrastinators need urgency.  This is where the unexpected difficulty lies for me… Creating urgency everyday to move one step closer to all of my goals when they are not close enough to be on a “normal” person’s radar.

I have created a master list of deadlines, too general.  I need mini deadlines.  I am debating whether creating such a spreadsheet will take more time than it’s worth.  I guess there is only one way to find out… Or maybe I will just sit down every Saturday morning and create my to do list for the weekend and upcoming week after consulting the major deadlines for my projects.  Any suggestions?

I am also having trouble switching roles in the home!  I was the queen of the kitchen and felt as if I was pulling my weight.  It’s been difficult for me to not feel like a self-centered, self-important jerk.  I sit and read my BioChem text, answer emails, research articles and create powerpoint presentations while Joren does laundry, goes grocery shopping, cooks dinner and tidies the house.  Sounds wonderful but I have trouble with it!  Another obstacle to overcome.

A pleasant surprise this semester, I am really enjoying my time at OMNI Behavioral Health in the disordered eating clinic.  I get to learn about nutrition evaluations and nutrition therapy by shadowing the Registered Dietician and then I spend time with the day program in group therapy and nutrition education.  I really feel like this is the beginning of my professional experience… feeling like a grown up!  Finally 🙂

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