Open letter to Deb Fischer’s opposition to federal spending and debt under the Biden admin. but not the Trump admin.

You’ve been in office longer than our current president. An additional $6.7 trillion of National debt happened under your watch and under the watch of a republican majority for four years! But now your going to get all up in arms?? The only reason this new spending has to occur is because of the devastating response to covid, and other national needs, from the former president. We now have to unbury the poor people who lost jobs and continue to lose lives because people like Trump, Ricketts, Fortenberry, and most republicans want to put money/economy over people/public health. Y’all can’t even put on a mask, mandate others to do so, and tell people to get vaccinated; your comfort over others health. 

How much money did you make these last five years? What’s your net worth? Maybe if the top 1% paid the same percent of their income to taxes as me and paid their employees a living wage, the government wouldn’t need to raise the debt ceiling. Do you really blame folks who need social services and infrastructure for the national debt?? You seem very far removed from most Americans. We are those who don’t have things like a gym membership, annual family vacations, cable tv, new school clothes, or a car that is less than a decade old, because we can’t afford it. 

Thanks for nothing so far. If you want to do some good, enforce taxes on our wealthiest so they pay what they should and raise the federal minimum wage. Oh also, how about higher wages for teachers and more resources for education. Affordable childcare would be nice so that me and my neighbors can see the value of work vs staying at home with our kids. Wages barely cover the cost of childcare. Even when they get to school, the work day is hours longer than the school day so I have to pay for before and aftercare. This country is a disaster and it gets worse every time someone puts the rights of a few individuals before the health of a nation. 

Step outside of party lines. Show some courage and original thought. Prove you have a brain of your own. Your last email sounded like a regurgitation of the same old republican garbage. 

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