HotCheetos and Takis?

Wow, um…. I don’t have much to say so far.  I want to have a convo about what you think.  To start off…I love the ambition and passion from these youngsters.  They do say it’s their favorite snack so hopefully all their other meals are healthful.  I think it’s important to enjoy this and not be too serious but also lock away this information about our culture to be better prepared for what we are up against.  We LOVE our snacks. Moderation should be the nutrition lesson not elimination.  Snack on!  🙂


8 thoughts on “HotCheetos and Takis?

  1. I’ve never had Takis either, but I do have something of a passion for a handful of hot cheetos at a holiday grill-out. Which is worse, cake or hot cheetos? Hot cheetos have MSG, is that still bad for you or did we get over that? I don’t hear much chatter about it anymore and I notice it is still in some foods so I assume maybe its dangers were over hyped. But hot cheetos don’t leave me “craving more” like cake and sugar… I think I might be addicted to sugar. Anyone else can’t stop eating milky way minis once they start?

  2. The kids are part of a school program helping kids stay out of trouble. They have other songs that are pretty good. We’ll have to share a bag of Cheetos next time we see each other 🙂 Or maybe try Takis! It would be a first for me.

  3. That is one catchy song! And it clearly is good nourishment for creative/talented kids! 🙂 Haha. I do love Cheetos…but in moderation. We try to simply *not* purchase these kinds of snack foods unless if we know we will be bringing them to some sort of an event and have plenty of folks to share them with!

  4. Vanessa I am taking our fresh eggs and storing them so we can make deviled eggs on Labor Day weekend. Apparently fresh eggs won’t peel easily when hard boiled. Another disadvantage to having your food fresh. It would be best to buy less nutritious eggs at the market.

  5. Oh sad, Hot Cheetos and Takis will have to be an after school snack only. Did you watch the video? Has Cade seen it? Gotta be his fav song 🙂

  6. Cade LOVES Takis! He says he likes them because they are “tasty and hot”. Many kids take them for lunch or snack at his school. We don’t buy them often, but it would be his first treat of choice. I know it is a fad with kids. The elementary school I work at banned Takis and Hot Cheetos. The first reason is because kids share them with their friends and parents might not be happy about that. The second reason is because they turn the kids fingers red so their work has red smudges all over it.


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