After Dinner Thoughts…

This is my first photo I took with my blog in mind. As you can see I am very good at the timer. Things will get better I promise 🙂

Post your answer:  How do you like your steak?

Joren and I like it rare/raw.  Lucky us because we were able to share a 9oz. New York strip I bought at the Old Cheney Farmer’s Market today.

Grass-fed was delicious and nutritious.  You can tell it’s lean, just a bit tough so I wouldn’t recommend well-done.  The flavors we’re earthy, complex and savory.  I felt different after the meal as well, not the same tired feeling after big meals.  My goal this fall is to eat plenty of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits.  Starches have been weighing me down and I feel more out of control when I’m eating them.

Anyone agree?  Ever felt binge-y with crackers, bread, pasta, or rice?  I never feel that way with chicken or salmon, not even my favorite asparagus or salad.

Better photo, our little kitchen in NE

Anywho… The green beans with shrimp were a good pair, surprisingly.  The sauce from that dish went very well with the steak and we had our favorite wine with the meal.  Oh!  I also made us a tomato salad.  Chopped tomatoes with fresh basil, parsley, yellow hot pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper and sea salt.  I know what a snob… sea salt?  Don’t judge me.

The finished product.

5 thoughts on “After Dinner Thoughts…

  1. Only 12? Haha. Well I wish I could look forward to you making me a steak but you are avoiding me Godfather 😉

  2. Not that I can remember. Those ostrich people haven’t been around… There is one booth that has a bunch of meat, they may have lamb but not sure.

  3. Definitely agree about starches, that’s the reason I had to start eating Paleo. It’s pretty difficult to binge on lean meat and veggies. Does the Lincoln farmer’s market have game meat?

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