In the Swing of Things

I conducted my first solo experiment in the lab last week and  didn’t screw it up! I loaded 2 96-well plates with plasma samples I prepared for cholesterol and triglyceride testing.  I used a multi-channel Pipet to load cholesterol/triglyceride reagent so the samples could be read/analyzed by a spectrometer. We are supposed to get fecal samples in the mail soon to test lipid levels… not rushing that project… I hear it’s a stinky job.

I took my first BioChem exam two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten my results!  Want to know why?  Well I will tell ya.  They aren’t finished being graded because it was a “short” answer test!  In BioChem!?  Ridiculous I say. One of the reasons why I like science is for those multiple choice exams. Not this time! Let’s just say… I’m not expecting an A.

I continue to enjoy my rotation at OMNI. I think I am better at my educational presentations. So far I’ve done presentations on food safety, vitamins, minerals, and fluids/hydration. This week I will be teaching and giving tips on how to shop/cook/plan meals for 1.

Well I better get back to the books. They are always staring at me from across the room. I’d love to hear from y’all.

Hope you have a good week! It’s supposed to be in the 80’s all next week here in Lincoln, perfect bike riding weather!

love, Vanessa

p.s. the underlined words are links if you’re wanting to learn more

2 thoughts on “In the Swing of Things

  1. The key for good grades is to cheat, but not getting caught. Another idea is to get incriminating information about your professor.

  2. Vanessa, I started school last week Tuesday and I am trying to avoid the assignments. Thanks for the tip on I ordered my book Wednesday morning and unfortunately got it Thursday at 0900. I was off that day and was hoping to goof off. Now I am writing on you blog instead of getting to work. Got to go , Love Mom

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