Spicy Dessert Green Beans

Uncle Joseph, you always have the best advise. My next exam is Friday so I have a whole week to research some dirt 🙂

Mom Juan, sorry your book ruined your day off… did you goof off a little anyway?  I hope so. “Other” things always get done around the house when studying an unattractive subject is the alternative!

Sunday Joren bought some green beans, among other things, at the farmers market and was quite creative. He fired up the grill, trimmed the beans, laid them out on some foil, added two pats of butter (not margarine) and seasoned them with garlic, crushed red pepper, and cinnamon!  It was a risky move but it paid off. I enjoyed eating them leftover straight out of the fridge as finger food.  Yum!

Let me know if you’re daring enough to try it and/or if you like it.


One thought on “Spicy Dessert Green Beans

  1. Sound interesting…I will give it a shot. I usually grill veggies on the barbeque with a small amount of olive oil on foil….

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