Week 1

This week turned out to be slower than I anticipated  (not complaining, well kinda).  I spent most of my time getting organized and doing admin requirements.  I am in the process of deciding on a minor of study. So my official program so far is:  majoring in Nutrition and Health Science with a specialization in Community Nutrition and Health Promotion.  I am leaning toward minoring in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition (if cleared by my adviser, Dr. Carr and the department)

I really want to have a well rounded experience and learn about the internal workings of the body as well as how we function in our environment as a community and psychologically/emotionally.  I will get to take behavioral courses and work with people as part of the dietetic internship so I think it’s important to back that up with a great understanding of molecular nutrition.

Today was my first experience in Dr. Carr’s lab (who I received my assistantship with).  I learned how to use a gas chromatograph!  It’s used to separate different molecules and measure their respective amounts in a solution after the solution has been vaporized.  This machine is really more of a robot.  All you have to do is load your samples into the tray that is numbered and set up your methods on a computer and this arm will grab them one by one to get analyzed, wash its syringe between samples, record the results in a table, and then put them back in the tray!

So tonight while I am sleeping the gas chromatograph will be working tirelessly and in the morning we’ll transfer the data to a pdf file and take all the credit, buahahaha.  It was a good first day at the lab. Something not too complicated yet interesting.  Dr. Carr is a great teacher and I look forward to the semester in his lab.

After Dinner Thoughts…

This is my first photo I took with my blog in mind. As you can see I am very good at the timer. Things will get better I promise 🙂

Post your answer:  How do you like your steak?

Joren and I like it rare/raw.  Lucky us because we were able to share a 9oz. New York strip I bought at the Old Cheney Farmer’s Market today.

Grass-fed was delicious and nutritious.  You can tell it’s lean, just a bit tough so I wouldn’t recommend well-done.  The flavors we’re earthy, complex and savory.  I felt different after the meal as well, not the same tired feeling after big meals.  My goal this fall is to eat plenty of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits.  Starches have been weighing me down and I feel more out of control when I’m eating them.

Anyone agree?  Ever felt binge-y with crackers, bread, pasta, or rice?  I never feel that way with chicken or salmon, not even my favorite asparagus or salad.

Better photo, our little kitchen in NE

Anywho… The green beans with shrimp were a good pair, surprisingly.  The sauce from that dish went very well with the steak and we had our favorite wine with the meal.  Oh!  I also made us a tomato salad.  Chopped tomatoes with fresh basil, parsley, yellow hot pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper and sea salt.  I know what a snob… sea salt?  Don’t judge me.

The finished product.


Fancy Pizza

Our first meal in Chicago thanks to Anna P. Wild Mushrooms, arugula and cheese Mmmmm. Tastiest flatbread.

So we went to Chicago Tuesday-Friday because we found out Nikki was going to Lollapalooza (sp?).  Loved to see Nikki, love Chicago, and someone must love the Cubs… 🙂

Van and Nik

Taking a break from our shopping spree, having dinner and beer flights

I never thought I would meet someone who loved eating more than me… Nikki and I “sing” a duet every time we dine together.


Mussels with a spring pea risotto.

Joren got a burger and Nikki got a portabello burger. They had their own homemade chips! I had never used malt vinegar at old school restaurants but Nikki was genius. Splash of vinegar and a sprinkle of salt.

Basil Pesto

Tonight I made a pesto that I plan to freeze for later.  I found fresh basil at the Old Cheney farmers market Sunday and added a little parsley, three cloves of garlic, a few pumpkin seeds because I didn’t have any nuts, a tbsp. of feta, a squeeze of fresh lemon and of course olive oil.  Chopping everything up in the food processor then drizzling the oil in thru the top while it was running.  Basil and tomato has become my summer obsession and I can’t wait to spread this pesto on a cracker with a slice of garden tomato next week!


July 29th

A good day.  I woke up at 8am after dreaming of learning Portuguese and Spanish.  (Thanks to Kristina).  Joren and I have been talking about going to this church by our place so today we went.  The service was longer than expected but wonderful.  We felt welcome and plan to go again.  It’s no coincidence this will help me learn Spanish.  We’ve been under the weather so we only did what we had to this Sunday.  Some laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and tidying.  Today I bought tomatoes, basil, and a hot yellow Hungarian pepper which, as I was told, is the same spicy as a jalapeno.  I am loving the tomatoes!  Maybe my next post will be an ode to tomatoes 🙂

Buttery Carrots


I bought some carrots at the farmers market Saturday.  They were too small to peel and snack on raw so I decided to throw them in my cast iron skillet.  I poured a cup of water in to kinda “steam” them.  Then I added butter, brown sugar, fresh cracked pepper, garlic powder and dried tarragon for some flavor.  They simmered for about 15-20 minutes before the water was gone.  I let them stay a little longer to caramelize then turned of the medium flame.  Yum!