Baby Baby Baby!!

Officially in the third trimester…. Aaahhhh!  🙂

This would all be easier if we were closer to our families.  We could use a little family wisdom (wisecracks) and support.  We are taking birthing classes from a Doula, started our registries and decided to go cloth!  It’s really difficult to know all of what we NEED and stuff we can do without.  Check out our lists so far on Amazon and Target, we’d love to hear your stories and suggestions!

Joren and I are in the full swing of all things baby.  Baby names are being narrowed down to a short list.  The plan is to wait until we meet him to make the final decision.  Hopefully we don’t leave the hospital with a Mr. Baby Ries but you never know…. I am quite the procrastinator 😉

2 thoughts on “Baby Baby Baby!!

  1. I’ll put that baby in a corner! I can’t wait for his first punishment buahahaha. Aaahhhh makin memories 😉

  2. I actually think Baby Ries has a nice ring to it. After all, nobody puts Baby in a corner.

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